Shama Royal city

We are a team enthusiasts working to help you reach to the height of living standards with the right planning. We are eager to provide you with the up to the mark living style as we have traveled all around the world and extracted the best of all to make your life and living standard so you can start your ultimate journey towards luxurious life. With international architecture and construction standards we are all set to make things perfect at your end.


Luxury , peace & grace, All at one place

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CEO Message

I have always dreamed of an awe-inspiring city in Pakistan as the cities of contemporary developed world. At the Shama Royal City, we have providential opportunity to silhouette this lifelong dream into reality. We are employing every resource to make it happen. Shama Royal City’s modern metropolitan layout topographies have the most admired rudiments of modern era, the wide boulevards, the avenues, walkways, canal, lush green parks and also the most adored developed world’s spire – the Eiffel Tower. A community built at the gateway of opportunities in close proximity to the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, the Shama Royal City has been premeditated for your sophisticated taste. It is your dwelling for peace, elegance, luxury, and prosperity. Thanks to our dedicated professionals for its modern urban planning and the cosmic layout. Our passion for timely deliverance of the project will prove extravagant, profligate, and overgenerous.

CEO Shama Royal CIty