Residential Blocks

The heart of the community at Shama Royal City, our residential area offers you the opportunity to create your dream house and indulge in a truly magnificent lifestyle experience that is finely tuned to all your needs. Come witness the simple pleasures of life with your family at Shama Royal City, the perfect place to call home.

Shama Royal City Residential Block

World Class Hospital

Shama Royal City will have a modern, state-of-the-art, multi-disciplinary world-class hospital. It will offer advanced levels of diagnosis and treatment, ensuring every patient has the highest levels of international standard care. Our vision is to transform the quality of healthcare in Pakistan, and we are proud to be well on this journey.

Shama Royal City Hospital

Community Centre

Our all-purpose Community Centre is the perfect venue to host special events and ceremonies. With a style focused on elegance and sophistication, it serves as the best place to have a memorable and successful event.

Shama Royal CIty Community Center

Grand Mosque

Shama Royal City contains a central grand mosque designed to welcome a large number of people. Offering services for prayers and religious education, the mosque is a central pillar of the essence of spirituality within the community.

Shama Royal City Mosque

Fitness Center

  • Indoor Jogging Track
  • Fully Equipped Gym
  • Swimming Pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Spa
  • Sauna
Shama Royal CIty Fitness Center

Intercontinental portrayal through Monuments

Keeping in view globalization, the depiction of worldwide cultural legacy through monuments enhances the imagination of visitors about the promulgation of civilizations.

Shama Royal CIty Monuments (2)


Play Area Mall bringing a stellar new destination for entertainment enthusiasts, our cinema offers the latest technology in visual and sound systems that go perfectly with the latest blockbusters. Feel the thrill of the big screen like never before, and encapture your senses with every viewing, only at Shama Royal City.

Play Area

There’s something for everyone to enjoy in the Shama Royal City, especially the kids. A unique play area for children is being built where they can have fun and be delighted with hours of enjoyment.

Shama Royal CIty Play Area


The central attraction of the community, Shama Mall brings a magnificent commercial experience that is set to delight residents and visitors alike. A shopping hub built on modern designs, and housing exclusive stores, entertainment facilities, and a fantastic food court, Shama Mall is your one-stop destination for all things shopping.

Shama Royal City Mall


 We value our community’s safety above all else, and for this purpose, we have established a highly advanced security service within the Shama Royal City. With 24/7 surveillance and highly-trained personnel, you can rest at ease knowing that our security systems will keep you safe around the clock.

Shama Royal CIty Security


Shama Royal City have a wildlife zoo filled with exotic and spectacular creatures from the animal kingdom. Providing an environment that is all-natural and highly stimulating, the Zoo engages members of the community and visitors with many sights to behold and many new things to learn.

Shama Royal City Zoo