Taking a position in the Indian stock market without registering with Indian authorities makes it an attractive product for foreign investors. The SGX NIFTY is also popular with hedge funds that are exposed to the Indian market and wish to hedge their exposure. So in simple terms, SGX NIFTY is nothing but the Indian NIFTY traded on the Singapore Stock Exchange. Is part of the IIFL Group, a leading financial services player and a diversified NBFC. The site provides comprehensive and real time information on Indian corporates, sectors, financial markets and economy. On the site we feature industry and political leaders, entrepreneurs, and trend setters.

  • The number of coronavirus infections globally headed toward 800,000.
  • All margin requirements are expressed in the currency of the traded product and can change frequently.
  • Chinese financial markets will trade for the first time this month on Friday and for once, investors can look forward to a relaxed start.
  • Monthly and weekly charts give a clear idea about the major trading levels which are even followed by Foreign Institutional Investors and fund managers for entry and profit booking.
  • It’s time Singapore gave a nationalistic New Delhi something to celebrate.

Futures contracts are closely related to the settlement price of the Nifty on the NSE. With SGX trading, investors can hedge their bets 24 hours a day. This is because they do not have to set up or register entities to bet on the Indian market with the Indian authorities. Traders and Investorsmaking up of individual, investment managers, funds, corporations and financial institutions make us of currency futures to manage risks and profit from the opportunities arising from exchange rate fluctuations. Due to the margin policy of Desert Trip International trading, there are opportunities of earning leveraged profit with minimum cash outlay, as well as the two-way(buy-sell) trading mode.

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U.S. stock futures rose 1%, following the first back-to-back session rises on Wall Street in over a month. A risk based margin system evaluates your portfolio to set your margin requirements. The risk valuations of your positions are created using simulated market movements that anticipate possible outcomes. As a result, a more accurate margin model is created, allowing the investor to increase their leverage. Futures margin trading in an Individual Retirement Account is subject to substantially higher margin requirements than in a non-IRA margin account. Margin rates in an IRA margin account may meet or exceed twice the overnight futures margin requirement imposed in a non-IRA margin account.

The two sides began exploring a link last year before Singapore hastily announced its own suite of single-stock futures on Indian companies. SGX saw an opening created by the Indian regulator’s ban on over-the-counter offshore derivatives built around single-stock futures. Cash accounts and IRA accounts are not afforded intraday margin rates.

a50 index futures

The report was published by three environmental non-governmental organisations that track climate performance of the European Union and 59 countries, which together account for over 92 per cent of the greenhouse gas emissions in the world. Xi Jinping will leave China this week for the first time in more than two https://1investing.in/ years for a trip to Central Asia where he will meet Vladimir Putin just a month before Xi is poised to cement his place as the most powerful Chinese leader since Mao Zedong. The trip, his first abroad since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, shows just how confident Xi is about his grip on power in China.

Can now directly trade its FTSE China A50 and MSCI Asia APEX 50 futures contracts from within the U.S. Transfer funds between your bank account and trading account with ease. Those interested in growing their money in the stock market are advised to have a clear understanding of the SGX Nifty and the role it plays in understanding the performance of various company stocks.


SGX started the first internationally available, dollar-denominated futures on mainland stocks in 2006, on the FTSE China A50 Index. Beijing has instead used the time to deepen local markets, broaden foreign access, and seek higher weightings in global indexes. The biggest is what happens to SGX futures Connectivity V2X now that the exchange has decided to channel liquidity into a dollar-denominated contract on India’s Nifty stock-market benchmark traded in GIFT City. That’s a $450 billion question, based on the current index value and the more than 20 million futures that changed hands in the 12 months through June.

a50 index futures

The dollar slid against a basket of currencies, pressured by the latest Federal Reserve measures to ensure sufficient liquidity in the global financial system. It is not permitted for Indian citizens to trade in the SGX Nifty, as only foreign portfolio investors are allowed to do so. Norwegian Cruise Line (+10.33%) and Carnival (+9.84%) were among the best-performing stocks in the S&P 500 index on Friday, recovering practically all the losses from the session on Thursday when both stocks were among the worst performers. Due to a holiday in the U.S. on Monday relatively few fundamental data releases are scheduled for today.

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And while New Delhi announced a slew of liberal fiscal incentives last month to lure brokers and funds to set up in GIFT City, investors can’t be certain that tax laws won’t suddenly become less favorable in future. FIA is a leading trade organization for the futures, options and OTC cleared derivatives markets. “The CFTC’s approval, together with our extended trading hours, will enable U.S. investors to easily access the world’s fastest growing companies and economies. We look forward to providing international investors with more opportunities to access Asia and manage their risks,” said Mr Michael Syn, Head of Derivatives at SGX. SGX’s derivatives market trades 17 hours daily, the longest opening hours for an Asian exchange. SGX investors are happy that the stock connect will break the legal deadlock.

The USD/TRY and USD/INR pairs remained fairly stable as was the USD/ZAR, while the USD/MXN closed even slightly lower. We can get an understanding about stocks to make an intraday decisions. Theglobal forex marketis the largest market in the world with over US $5 trillion traded daily, while the currencyfutures markethas a respectable daily average of over $100 billion.

a50 index futures

According to China’s General Administration of Customs, the value of exports tumbled 7.6% from a year earlier in US dollar terms, coming in well below the median economist forecast offered to Reuters for an increase of 5%. Simply excellent & reliable informative, very much useful to do stock research.decision making so simple based this app. Nifty also known as NSE NIFTY 50, is the benchmark index of National Stock Exchange of India which represents the weighted average of top 50 Indian companies’ stocks in 12 sectors.

A minor domestic quarrel has turned into a major court battle over who gets to trade the benchmark Indian index. Stock Brokers can accept securities as margin from clients only by way of pledge in the depository system w.e.f. September 01, 2020. These articles, the information therein and their other contents are for information purposes only.

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We are proud to say that till date we have helped 1368 people recover their lost money. Get Back your lost money with our Precision Tips backed by timely info, accurate technical analysis which is backed by 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. Moreover international investors based out of Singapore has the flexibility of betting on Indian markets while not having to setup or register the entity with the Indian authorities and they need not get into the legal hassles or redtapism in India. The news has pushed stocks around the world lower, with futures pointing to losses of as much as 0.9% for the Nasdaq when US markets open later Monday. A fresh set of troublingly poor data out of China has investors running for cover on Monday, with all major stock indexes around the world losing ground on the week’s first trading day.

Even after all the effort that’s currently going in into making it work, Gift City may yet flop as India’s first international financial center. The nation’s natural stock-trading hub is Mumbai, and not a patch of wilderness in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state of Gujarat. Redirecting a functioning Singapore link to Mumbai wouldn’t be so hard. However, when it comes to taxation and regulation, the Indian side is still capable of striking the oddjarring note. No surprise then that India’s Gift City, where NSE is offering its own dollar Nifty contract, isn’t exactly teeming with global investors. Despite investors having been shaken by the fight between the two exchanges, the most active June contract on SGX Nifty has 1.4 times as much open interest as the NSE’s original.

SGX Nifty also known as a Singapore Nifty, is the derivative of Nifty index traded officially in Singapore Stock Exchange . Since September end, Bankex is up 16% with large banks like ICICI Bank, Bandhan up 20-27%, Housing Finance Companies like Repco, LICHF, PNB Housing are up 50%-100% from their six-month lows. The laws of the financial world are different from the physical world. You can have prolonged periods of time, when sanity takes a back seat and excesses happen. Most overseas hedge-fund managers in Singapore want to go nowhere near the local Indian market, especially if they can’t prove to Indian authorities that their fund isn’t a tax dodge.