The typical chronilogical age of sexarcha getting women children was ±1

Desk step one

Of the total number off interviewed women children (N = 2872) in BiH, 1,420 (%) were sexually effective ( Contour step one ).

83 years, and also in relation to the newest colleges inside the Bosnia and you can Herzegovina at the the first sexarcha are indexed in lady students into the Mostar 17.8 ±1.7 ages, together with current sexarcha was said from the females pupils in the Sarajevo, 18.5 ±1.nine decades ( Contour dos ).

Intimately productive people children inside 74,forty % cases had sexual intercourses in just one to mate, and seven,seven % of them got intimate intercourses having around three or maybe more partnerspared so you’re able to the new colleges, the most significant level of female youngsters with one to sexual mate was basically in the University from Sarajevo (80.3%), if you find yourself 12.9% away from females youngsters got three or even more sexual lovers. Regarding your use of birth control measures, 69.4% female children were utilizing birth prevention to start with sexual activity, and you may 66.7% of these were utilizing birth control for a change sexual activity ( Profile step three ).

Out of complete count, 78.8% children (N=100) of your College away from Mostar made use of contraception initially intercourse, and 68.8% (N = 144) people of one’s College or university regarding Tuzla made use of birth-control at last intercourse ( Figure 3 ). While doing so, very first sex contraceptive wasn’t used by around one to-3rd away from college students of one’s College or university of Tuzla (thirty-five.2%) and you can (33.8%) youngsters of the College from Banja Luka didn’t fool around with birth-control during the history sexual activity ( Figure step 3 ).

5. Conversation

According to results of all of our study, % out-of girls pupils had an intimate feel and two-3rd (74,forty %) of the lady students instances got intimate intercourses with only one to partner. Much of intimately energetic lady youngsters become their sexual life during the age 17 or later on. Thus far there aren’t any tall education otherwise studies regarding reproductive health away from young adults into the BiH, as well as the work of a few authors, and you may a post on a survey done-by UNDP inside 1999 in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the teenagers, although information is some terrible and you will standard (fourteen, fifteen, 16).

If we look at the investigation on the countries in our close environment, we come across that are nearly the same as ours. Regarding surrounding countries (the former Yugoslavia), intimately energetic young BuddyGays znak w gГіrД™ people tend from starting sexual activity at an earlier age (17, 18, 19, 20, 21). Pattern out of before sexarcha to your young ages stated of the certain writers regarding Croatia, which reported that the new scholar society before inserted on the sex (17 years), when it comes to some time ago, whenever only forty% away from children experienced sexual activity before ages of 18, additionally the largest quantity of students registered towards sexual affairs anywhere between 18 and you may 2 decades (17). Petrovic et al. (2007) declare that 84% from sexually effective people inside Novi Unfortunate, on the one in five (20.4%) got ?cuatro partners (19).

During the a study involving 5,385 college students on earliest and you will third seasons out-of learn from five college or university locations for the Serbia, it had been discovered that the intimate feel had 43.2% from lady (21). Progressive societal process leading to an upswing from sexual independence one of the fresh new young people and found your level of intimate partners having whom girls make contact, has a tendency to boost over the last decade in the usa (21). On the other side, in certain nations, instance Romania, 81% away from ladies old 20-twenty four age and you will thirteen% regarding people had one companion (22).

At University of Tirana sexarcha for females try 18.8 ages that’s exactly like all of our results, and additionally an after start of the intercourse certainly one of girls (23) coincidentally found in almost every other degree around the world (twenty-four, twenty-five, 26). A survey conducted within the Canadian youth old fifteen-24 years suggests that sexarcha for girls is actually sixteen.8 many years which teenagers having advanced schooling enjoys later on sexual intercourse (18.six decades) than those having reduced education (17.2 yrs) (25).