To take a look at battery life, I’ve run both our tablet battery tests and our notebook battery tests. As with com surrogate all of our battery life testing, the display is set to 200 nits for a consistent result across devices. When you’re using a USB c dock on your surfaces, are they alerting you about the dock and different power usage? I wanna say i’ve plugged in a USB c dock to our surface books 2-3 and they always displayed an alert about it. I’ve noticed here and there that unplugging the docking station power supply and replugging it, fixes weirdness with the dock. I’ve never had it not charge, except when the plug wasn’t seated correctly but then the light also wasn’t going on.

  • Close the assistant and select PLAYSTATION3 Controller in the Bluetooth list in your System Preferences.
  • I have a problem…Can’t play WoW atm because the launcher won’t initialize, the Play button is greyed out.
  • Open Users & Groups again, and re-add the Login Items one at a time, restarting after each one.
  • Using the DualShock 4 PS4 controller on PC isn’t to everyone’s taste.
  • Check the Microsoft Service Health portal to check OneDrive’s status.

It still turned on but it had like 6% so I turned it off fast. Or is it just because it’s a third party charger, that it doesn’t work? I feel so sick because I went to that guy and now my laptop might be dead… with all the info on it. If the LED light is perfectly on but your Surface still isn’t charging, there’s no problem with the connections of the battery charger. You can try the fixes below to solve this issue.

Still cant turn on Surface Pro 3 or Surface Pro 4?

With the latest fast-charging technology, you can charge many versions of the Apple watch, like Series 7, Series 8 and Ultra devices. Compatible AirPods include the AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro products. Plus, integrated LED lights show your charging progress, according to one product listing. There are in fact a few reasons for you to type something like “Mac charger not working help” in Google’s search bar. Well, first, follow a few step-by-step solutions to fix your plugged in not charging issue and then learn how you can extend your laptop’s battery life in no time. Microsoft has launched various solutions to deal with wake-up issues.

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The specs say there’s still the same 2W speakers in this, but I don’t believe it. The Windows performance settings aren’t enhancing the Surface Laptop the performance settings have no effect. The Surface Pro 9 setting is there, but for show. The power button and the volume rocker in the last two generations have wandered around the top and sides of the Surface Pro. The Surface Pro 9 follows the design of the Surface Pro 7+, with the power and volume rocker on the back, while the one on the back. A tool with processors doesn’t have a lot of compatibility issues with games like this.